Corston and Rodbourne

‘There are small gems in the wonderful Wiltshire countryside. These are two. Living and worshipping churches, week by week, they have met and worshipped in these buildings for nearly a thousand years. They are places of beauty and quiet. They have been places of gathering for baptisms, weddings and funerals. They have been places of celebration and remembrance; marking the seasons of life and each year. They continue to be so.‘ Revd Oliver Ross.

The Church of Holy Rood (pictured above) is located in The Street, Rodbourne, while the Church of All Saints (pictured below) is located in Rodbourne Road, Corston. For more information about our two beautiful churches and our worshipping life together please read our church leaflet (click here).

Church of All Saints, Corston
Revd Oliver Ross at Church of Holy Rood, Rodbourne


However, please check the Abbey news sheet for up to date service information (click here)

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays in the month: 10:30 am at Holy Rood, Rodbourne
  • 4th Sunday in the month: 10:30 am at All Saints, Corston
  • 5th Sunday: 11.00 am service at Malmesbury Abbey

For details of the history of these beautiful churches, please click on the following links:

Malmesbury Abbey is in the parish of Malmesbury with Westport and Brokenborough. This parish is joined with the parish of Corston and Rodbourne in the benefice of Malmesbury and Upper Avon. The Rev Oliver Ross and the Abbey Ministry Team oversee services across the benefice.

For further information, please contact the parish office on 01666 826666 or by email at