You have probably heard that in the present situation all church services at the Abbey have been suspended and the Abbey is closed to the public until further notice.

It will be no surprise therefore that the Abbey will also be postponing all our Abbey and Booked events and concerts.  

At the moment we are doing this for activities scheduled to happen till the end of May.

For events in June, July and August, we are going to make a decision as the picture for those months becomes clearer and I will be in touch to update you when a decision has been made.

If you have booked the Abbey for an event in March, April or May and would like to look at alternative dates for your event, perhaps in the autumn of this year or even 2021, please get in touch and I will look for possible dates to offer you.

Your deposit will be returned, if no alternative date can be found.

In the meantime, I hope you are and will stay well.

Very best wishes,

Anne Cox
Events Administrator, Malmesbury Abbey