Community of St Aldhelm

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Who are we?

We are a community of people who are seeking to follow God more closely by keeping a Rule of Life based around a rhythm of Daily Prayer. We try to be intentional about setting time aside for spiritual reflection, together and separately. We are exploring together what it means to live more fully as a community even though we aren’t living together in a community house. We keep in touch through email and phone and meet together when we can. 

The Community was established in 2016. There are around 18 of us at the moment. For the most part, we are members of Malmesbury Abbey, but we have one or two members from further afield. We welcome anyone who would find this a helpful approach to strengthening their Christian discipleship, or would like to explore their spirituality in company with others and be supported in a rhythm of Daily Prayer.

What is the CoStA Rule of Life?

Our Rule of Life is broadly based on the Benedictine Rule – Malmesbury Abbey was originally a Benedictine foundation – but reinterpreted for people in an ordinary English parish church setting who are not living a monastic life.  The Rule is tailored to each individual and is intended to be a support to discipleship and not a burden. Members typically commit to the Community a year at a time. In normal years, we have a re-dedication service in May, on or near St Aldhelm’s Feast Day, when we recognise new members, and existing members who want to continue with us renew their commitment.

How can I join?

If you are interested in becoming a member of CoStA, please contact our Lay Prior, Catherine Price on We would be particularly pleased to hear from anyone living within the North Wilts Mission Area and Deanery who would like to join in this adventure in discipleship.

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