The Abbey is following the advice of the Church of England authorities, based on national government discussions and decisions.

Covid changes after 19th of July through to the end of August.

As of the 19th of July the government has radically reduced restrictions of our response to Covid. Nonetheless the Delta variant is spreading rapidly, especially in large towns and cities. As a result and in response to the governments desire for us to enjoy freedom – yet to walk cautiously into the future – we are making interim changes over the summer period while this 3rd wave reaches its peak.

  • There is a limit of 100 people in the Abbey at any one time or for any one service.
  • The chairs will be separated and we encourage people to sit in their family or friendship bubble with a space around them.
  • We are asking everyone to book in on Eventbrite for our services. If you haven’t we will take your name as a precaution.
  • We are asking everyone who comes to sanitise their hands, book in with the QR code and to wear a mask.
  • We will be singing and the choir will be at full strength and unmasked while we in the congregation will sing with masks on. If you are anxious about this please sit at the back where the draught is greatest and wearing face masks and yet not singing provides extra distancing.
  • We will not as yet be serving refreshments or food at services except outside.
  • We ask you not to come to church if you have the beginnings of feeling unwell. Far better to be safe and discover it is nothing than pass on this disease.

This is a cautious response to all the government and diocesan advice and is intended to easy anxieties of the fearful and protect the vulnerable. It would be simply dreadful if someone caught the Covid variant while attending one of our services.

Primarily the advice is:

  • To wash your hands often.
  • To self-isolate if you have a “new persistent cough.”
  • To keep in contact with neighbours and friends – set up a group with  your neighbours (6 approx) by telephone, WhatsApp and/or Facebook.

If you are isolated, have practical needs that can’t be met by family, friends and neighbours, or would like a phone call from one of our pastoral team, please call the Parish Office on 01666 826666 or email

Please follow the advice offered here.