MAS 2018 14th-16th February (Our 10th Year!). Tickets available December 2017

About 600 children and young people took to the ramps in Malmesbury Abbey Skate 2017 during the last February half-term. It was an awesome community effort and a massive thanks goes to all those who helped to make MAS2017 such a huge success! From the small army of people who prepared meals to feed all the volunteers, to the smiling faces on the welcome team, to the impeccably efficient booking desk, to the behind the scene sound crew, to the generous sponsors, to our B&B volunteers, to our straw bale carriers and wood-layers, to our first aiders, to our cafe connoisseurs, to our prayer team, to our tuck-shop assistants, to Phil and Christian Skaters UK, and SO much much more… Thank you!

We’ve had so much encouraging feedback praising the friendly atmosphere and the wonderful care that the skate team invested in the young people on the park. It is amazing to see, year on year, God’s love showed in so many through Abbey Skate, as we seek to be a community that extends generous hospitality to all.

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